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"Nadira" were formed in late 2003 around the end of November although a name has taken almost a year to come! The original line up included the current members - Kristan Harper (guitar/bass/vocals), Aidan Charnley (guitar/bass), Daniel O’Connor (lead vocals) but also Tom Stanlake (keyboards/piano) Sam Milligan (same as Tom), Karl Lau (don’t ask me!) and Phil Clare (drums)...Aidan’s sister, Rachael also came sometimes. So there were quite a few people. Over the months, or weeks haha the members dropped and disappeared. Sam, Karl and Phil all vanished...and we regret them leaving every day... This is how it went: -

The band first started practicing at their school - Bulmershe (shithole), after they had finished their gruelling and hard-worked day of lessons...but with so many members the practices were hardly successful. A whole lot of boring stuff happened over the months so I’m not going to bother mentioning it.

When Phil left we were left with a drummer. It took a long time but the ever-willing and talented Chris Pickett allowed us to have his time and talent to became our drummer. Involved with another band- "Feed That Llama" we can see just HOW generous he is! In around June 2004 practice resumed at the Pickett residence but was put on hold as quickly as it restarted due to the holiday season with people coming and going. Pickett was also dedicated to FTL in August and so the band were put on hold until September. During the months the band were to rehearse some songs ready for September...

Daniel was then unable to sing due to throat problems...
Tom Stanlake then left us because we felt we had different musical aspirations.
Come October 2004, a new drummer was required so Daniel found Dale online...the band met with him and it all seemed to fall into place better.
A practice was required so a set list of songs were planned ready to go into Impact Studios.
The band name was changed from "Nadira" to "Pagola".
This gets us up to date with Kristan and Daniel planning to do the acoustic song, "Mexico" by Incubus for their school's House Music competition.

Pagola Music 2004